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Is Love just Flow?

Marlon Rodrigues
Marlon Rodrigues
1 min read
Rancho Ecologico Sol De Mayo, BCS Mexico
Let it flow 

My essence is consciousness though I am prone to forget it.

That repeated realization - the reunification with the present moment - offers me a  sense of peace that I experience as bliss.

I've found it in other moments in my life too.

My yoga asana practice gets me there, and so does the timeless quality of disapearing into a lover's eyes.

I recognize these as flow states. Eastern philosophy knows these moments well.

Some people call these moments of bliss a religious experience, likely because we’re conditioned to understand it as something outside of ourselves.  

But it’s always there, ready to be accessed.

And if that’s true in one of us, it can be true in all of us.

That blissful feeling of unity is indistinguishable from the state of Love - the borderless expanse of being.

Then love - the verb - might just be anything that removes the barrier to the state that awaits us.

My journey to realize this in my Self took component actions like compassion, acceptance, kindness and patience over time.

And if I am just a training ground for the universe at-large, then maybe those practices apply more broadly to the universe outside of my Self.

Maybe reconnecting to the state of Love is just about finding flow with the rest of creation through the act of loving.

Could it really be that simple?

I'm reminded of the sage quote:

“It is very simple to be happy, but it is very difficult to be simple.”