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Photo by Ashutosh Saraswat / Unsplash

Last updated: June 17, 2024

I am currently living in Goa and have found a flow after 6 months here.

Here's what I'm doing these days..

Rodrigues Family Trust

I recommend going to spend some time where your family traces their ancestry. There are lessons learned you can't possibly know without full immersion.

These days, I'm learning from the firehose as I take on the stewardship of my family's ancestral properties.

  • Ancestral home restoration
    • Now steering the house through monsoons: watertight, lights on, pests out
  • Land administration and development projects
  • Digitizing documents, recipes, and photos into a permanent archive
  • 2125 Vision: What do we what to be known for a century from now?


I love motivating and helping entrepreneurs build out their vision after 15 years as a founder, builder, and investor

These days, I focus my mentorship efforts online via GrowthMentor or irl with Goa Startups


  • I've been fascinated with karalakattai which is a sort of loaded yoga practice - here's a sample of what that looks like. It's my first time working with a personal trainer, and it's been a revelation
  • I started my career at the dawn of consumer mobile apps and see the same wave now with the rise of API and chatbot-accessible LLMs. I'm learning nuances of prompting and seeing how far I can build my pet projects below by myself

Anjuna Venture Studio

This is my slow cooker category of ideas I want to play with just for the fun of it. And yes, I give my projects names so I can think about them more clearly :)

  • Sangreh - document transcription and translation service
  • Marcelon - mens yogawear
  • Bharat Padel - promoting padel in India
  • Mapping Anjuna - open source street view mapping of my home village
  • Kava - alcohol but better?

Hit me up on the socials if you're working on any of these ideas!