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Anoint yourself with good oil

Marlon Rodrigues
Marlon Rodrigues
1 min read
Take good care, Nosara, Costa Rica
Skin to skin

In an entropic universe

You exist

Bring ceremony

To your being

Lavish care

On the part of creation

That is temporarily yours

Honour your skin

With sensual caress

So that your hands may be practiced

For countless other creations

Human and not

Animate and not

Creation bowing to creation

Like children playing

Under the loving eye of the parent

Marvel at how fleeting

And captivating

You are

Like the sudden flash of a firefly

Carefully note

How each part is whole

Consecrate the physical embodiment

Of the divine

Let the oil

Seep into your being

Let the ambrosia remind

You are the seer and the seen

The worshipper and the worshipped

The same

One day

She may ask

About your prayer

Remind her

That her body

Is a place of worship

As is yours

Where god experiences god

There is no separation