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What this is about

Teaching my first yoga class // Raja Ampat Islands, Indonesia

I was born in Goa, raised in Canada and currently reside in Indonesia.

The pandemic was many things to many people - for me, it was a catalyst to reset my selection of place, my life's work and my Self.

Over the past two years, I have been traveling and thinking about how my lived experiences can benefit others while continuing to grow as a person.

This site is my attempt to catalog my thoughts on a few themes as they develop.

Startup Growth (Connect on LinkedIn)

I spent 15 years building, advising and funding startups in Toronto, San Francisco and New York in a variety of industries from mobile app platforms to medical billing software.

I've specialized on the founding or re-founding phases of the startup's lifecycle; where vision borders on delusion and a small group of people becomes transfixed by the opportunity to build something useful and meaningful.

These days, I focus on supporting startups as a fractional growth marketer and mentor intermediate marketers to avoid the pitfalls of building a sustainable career in Growth.

Yoga Asana (Practice with me)

You worship the places you find transcendence.

My yoga practice has been one such place, connecting me daily to a sense of being and body awareness. That interest led me to train in the lineage of Brian Kest, a founder of the Power Yoga movement in California.

Since then, I've been instructing and holding space so that others can develop a progressive practice that can last a lifetime.

My classes focus on structure and alignment that are challenging but deliver a sense of empowerment and presence inside the Self.

Open Curiosities (Hit Subscribe)

I aim to play infinite games, so I leave myself open to follow my curiosities wherever they lead me. To share what I learn along the way, I write about them on this site, so subscribe to get updates to your inbox.


See you around 🙏🏽